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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Having trouble containing myself

I have realized that planning a wedding by myself (shopaholic extraordinaire), may not be the best thing. I open myself up to too many opportunities to spend and spend and spend. I have horrible will power and if there is a chance to buy a new handbag or a book, I have an awful time just walking away. This is why I cannot walk into the dollar stores – Dollar Tree (everything’s a dollar at Dollar Tree), 99 cents, etc without spending twice as much as I intended. So I’m giving myself a list of rules to follow in my wedding planning, and hopefully I will be able to apply these to everyday life as well.

1. Make a list – This is probably the simplest. I always have good intentions of making a list and checking it twice (sorta like an odd ball Santa). So I have started carrying a notebook and pen to jot down those brief inspirations I have like the theme for my save the date cards, color combinations I want to try, caterers names and number, food ideas for the reception, people I want to invite, and people I definitely should not invite.

2. Research - My grandmother who raised me always said a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So, before committing to anything I will do my due diligence. My life before my conversion was see and have, I shopped with my feelings way too much. I am trying hard to shop with my head from now on.

3. Plan ahead - Not the same as making a list, making a list is a broad scope of things I want. Planning ahead is creating a monthly timeline so I can save for the upcoming expenses not leaving anything to chance.

4. Negotiate - I normally don't do this, I pay the listed price even at yard sales. I have to learn to bargain. I wonder if there are any books on how to haggle like a fishwife.

These are my new rules for shopping. I hope to use these faithfully and be able to incorporate more rules later.

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