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Thursday, May 22, 2008

How we are saving for our wedding.

I plan on getting married for the cheapest amount possible while still having a very elegant wedding. The best way for us to do this is to have a cash reserve that will cover our wedding expenses. The problem you ask, how do we pull even more money out of our shrinking net income. I'll tell you how we have begun.

My future spouse is an avid coupon clipper and occasional user ...he often forgets them at home. He scours the sales papers weekly and plans accordingly. You know when you shop at a store i.e. Giant, CVS, Safeway that gives an extra savings for having their card. Well at the bottom of your receipt the store lovingly provides you with a running total of what you have saved on your purchases. Well one day I was looking at this total and saying to myself, we may have saved all of this money put we don't have any of it. Light bulb. So we have begun 'matching' that total and transferring it to an online HSBC account we set up for that purpose. Our first transfer was a modest amount $25.00 dollars to start the account and try to take advantage of the 3.05% APY. The next transfer was a whooping $89.98 that we saved after we hit the meat section stocking up. Our next transfer was $24.51 at CVS. As you can tell, we have moved a bit of money and we have just begun. I am very proud that we have found an additional way of using our money wisely.

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