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Sunday, May 25, 2008

We attended a wedding

My future other half has been friends with someone since they were eight. I cannot believe it, its thirty years later and they are still friends, I can't imagine knowing someone other than a relative. Anyhoo, her wedding was this weekend, it was very I hate to say cheap, frugal is better, or maybe even cost efficient. The had a simple ceremony in the fellowship hall portion of the church the main portion of the structure was in an adjacent building. I am unsure why it wasn't done in the sanctuary of the church which was beautiful with huge windows. The bridal party was very small. There was one bridesmaid/maid of honor. A soloist who was pretty good. Their sons served as the best men. Very cute little boys who did double duty and layed the aisle fabric for her to walk down. She was gorgeous in her strapless gown and simple veil. The wedding service was very laid back, the groom and minister were extremely funny. I have never laughed so much at a wedding.

But as I said very cheap. They served a 'light repast' of chicken wings, mini Swedish meatballs, a cheese tray, another tray of assorted finger foods, and a horrid punch of maybe ice cream and ginger ale (I could not identify the bitter aftertaste). First nothing looked very appetizing, second the were all mini and I mean mini like you would serve children for a play date tea. My first problem with the reception was of course the food, but if you request no gifts in lieu of cash, I want you to do a better job of kicking out the grub. Finger foods! Second the cake was a small square covered in fondant, pretty but not edible; the guests received a small box with a slice of sheet cake. Taking the cake out of the box was a challenge, if you did it wrong you lost your frosting to the sides of the box. Another thing all the slices were not uniform, my future spouses piece was box size. I opened mine and it was two slices of two different sizes like a pair of stunted dice. Third there was no party-celebratory atmosphere, it was almost like 'hey, we gotta feed these people something'. No music, no that's not true one song, with no lyrics just the instrumental of an old that could not be identified. There were not even enough chairs to sit on, my FS stood will I squeezed into a chair in the corner. To me it seemed hastily thrown together. I understand the urge to be frugal, but I wanted a little more consideration to the people who had travelled to share your day.

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