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Monday, June 9, 2008

Justifying spending

Hi, I'm Spendthrift and I am a spendaholic. I try to stop myself but I cannot help myself from spending more than necessary. When was the last time I walked in a store and walked out with nothing? I can tell you, it was when I switched purses but left the little holder I keep my debit card in a side pocket.

I spent more money than I intended too this weekend. Actually, it was needed, if I use the justification that it will be used and I count it under the June grocery total. We, Future OtherHalf and I) hit the local BJ's this weekend. We were shopping for the Women's Day luncheon at church. We went to get rolls for two hundred people and walked out with around forty dollars of merchandise for ourselves. I know what you are saying. "$40 dollars in a warehouse club, you did fabulous!"

See the thing is, we have been trying to plan our shopping trips. One trip to the BJ's a month is more than enough. What did we purchase? Well we were out of eggs so we got the tray with five dozen, a three pound bag of pepperoni, a box of pizza crusts, a dual pack of lunch meat and one of those huge bags of chips with 42 bags in it.

Okay, yes school is out starting today, and snacks for the little ones will be necessary.

My problem with my spending this weekend is this - I had no intention of spending any of our money. We were using the church's money. We went in with a specific plan to purchase a set list of items and blew it. How am I ever going to Convert myself, if I cannot stop the miscellaneous spending?

I may be able hide that spending under the grocery tab, and say that it is a couple of items we won't have to get next time if I had stopped there. I didn't, unfortunately the BJ's is within spitting distance of the bane of my will power - The Dollar Tree (Everythings a $ at Dollar Tree). So I asked and we went, I still spent six dollars. I know six dollars will not break me, but its the same principal, I spent and didn't *need* any of the items I purchased. The two books I picked up was a older and could have been checked out at the library, the workbook for my daughter to practice - I could have downloaded worksheet free online, the candy (FS's Mike & Ike's he can't live without). The most useful items I purchased were the Tupperware like food saver containers which I must admit I have used for my lunch both days this week and will continue to use.

Anyone have any good will power advice, because right now I can only think to leave the cards at home, and stop hitting the stores.

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