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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Letter from HSBC Direct

I love my HSBC account. I stash my emergency fund here. I have an account were the children's allowance is saved and of course my store savings account where I "match" what I save by using coupons and the store discount cards, and have recently started keeping rebates there as well. I mean what good does it do me to "save" money by using coupons if I just go out and spend it on other stuff. I'm not really saving I'm just transferring that money for other purchases.

But today I received an email that made me very happy...HSBC has extended their 3.5% APY interest rate until September 15,2008! I am so excited. I normally transfer money during the later part of the month when I have extra so I was a little upset that the promotion was ending August 15, I would miss gaining the extra interest on the bulk of the money I transferred. But now that the promotion has been extended I will be able to take advantage of the savings for not only August money but part of September as well.

Dear Spendthrift,

Customers like you have told us how much they love our big fat rate. And as far as our customers are concerned, we can’t give them too much of a good thing. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do.
You’ll keep earning 3.50% APY* on all balances in your Online Savings Account.
That’s 9x the national savings average.±
Deposit more now to take full advantage of our great rate extension. Now’s the time to watch your savings grow.

So deposit more

Of course they want me to deposit more money. And I will!

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