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Monday, July 7, 2008

Safeway Gift Cards

A couple of weeks or so ago, Safeway ran a coupon in their circular saying "hey, if you transfer your pharmacy prescription to us, we will give you a $30 gift card." These type of promotions have been running on a cycle since 2007 especially the main two pharmacy chains in this area, CVS and Rite Aid but Safeway is the first grocery store that I have seen. Target has run a promotion along the same line with a transferred prescription you receive a $ 10 gift card.

Safeway is offering you 'free money' however you have a couple of things, when you contemplate these offers.

1. How far away is the chain from your home? Is it close by, or far off the beaten track? If you cross the path of this store everyday, no problem. Lucky for us there are eight Safeway's in a six mile radius and all of them have a pharmacy.

2. How much is your co-pay? If it is more than the thirty dollar gift card are you really gaining anything. If the co-pay will change due to insurance maybe it isn't a great deal.

We took full advantage of this deal. Future spouse transferred four Rx to four Safeway's giving us a total of $90.00 in gift cards. We purchased $249.00 in groceries after using our Safeway Club card our total fell to $180.00. We then apply around fifteen dollars in coupons. Then applied those gift cards for a total grocery bill of $85.49 after tax!

We saved $163.51. Those gift cards saved us a bundle.

Have you used gift cards to save? We saved a gift card for emergencies when we are running a little short between paychecks. I never thought to apply a portion of our grocery budget to a store gift card to save for a later need. I think we may purchase a couple in the future.

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