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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What is My Biggest financial vice?

FiveCentNickel posted a challenge question, that I felt I had to answer. What is your biggest financial vice?

My biggest financial vice are handbags. Last count thirty-seven. I love purses of all shapes and sizes. I have run out of room to place them since Future Spouse and I have moved in together. Before the move, I just displayed them as art on my walls. Now they hang from a pole we purchased from IKEA.
I try not to spend more than $75 on a single purse. I often haunt the nearby Marshall's and A.J. Wright for handbags that are last season or season before but are still trendy enough that I don't feel like I'm carrying the ancient grandma bag. I also try to purchase during the big sale times of the year. Since this picture above I have purchased several more, and have to stop myself all the time from buying more.
My second financial vice are buying lunches and take out food. I work in the District and commute by bus daily about two hours or more round trip depending on traffic. For take out I used to combat this easily I previously would cook several meals at once and freeze them to be re-heated later. I have fallen away from this practice but will begin again soon. I also 'forget' at night to pack my lunch the night before. With the three mindless eating machines (kids) there really is not many leftovers for me to take as my lunch. I have tried to find a creative way to remind myself to bring my lunch.
I am currently temping in a trendy part of town, so if I forget my lunch the cost of everything close is seven more like eight dollars and up.
I work hard to try and streamline all my other expenditures. I cut my Netflix subscription from six to three, I cut cable channels from the big package with HBO to basic, I try to grocery shop with coupons, etc.
I am trying so hard to live beneath my limited means without falling back on my emotional habit of retail therapy when things are bad or when they are really good or when it rains or when it snows....

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