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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Free Reusable bags from Bloom

I made the switch to reusable bags about two years ago and had that "moment" when I was in the store picking up a few things. The reusable bags do me no good if I am constantly leaving them in the car or at home. I either had to buy more bags or take the plastic ones offered.
I still take a few plastic bags especially when I purchased prepared food. I know re-usable bags can be washed but the food smells still linger.

So I started to carry a couple folded tightly in a pouch in my purse. They have come in handy for many things not just shopping. A co-worker gave me a stack of books - she brought them to work in a huge box. I can't (wouldn't) take that huge box on the train - so I left the box in my office and filled my two reusable bags up with books.
I have had many other occasions to use the bags I keep in my purse since then. I have bought small and large bags and keep them mainly in the van.

But yesterday, Future Spouse called me with a wicked sound in his voice saying he had a present for me. Of course, I couldn't guess what and he wasn't about to tell me what the present was he did give a couple of vague hints like the kids tried to take it. I may have to go back and get more, etc...
Then we get home after football and cheerleading and there are four of these on the bed. Future Spouse says they are giving them away by the handful.
Bloom heard me or maybe someone saw me pulling out mine in the store one day... these re-usable bags fold into wallet sized. It also contained coupons for cleaning products.

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