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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Uniforms, School Supplies, & More $$$ out of pocket

FS and I have three kids - one in high school, one in middle and one in elementary. So we have a wide range of supplies we need from clear book bags to marble composition notebooks to blunt tipped scissors. So we have been haunting the sites like a day old ghost trying to get the best deals possible.

This year all the kids will be in uniforms. (High school just passed a vote for uniforms at the end of the school year.) YEAH! They hate it I love it. Its really a wash. The oldest thinks we should spend more on shoes since we are spending less on clothes!
We are very lucky the littlest one can still fit all of her uniforms from the previous school year. So we only have to buy for the older two. The middle one just left elementary for middle so we have to get him new uniforms and he is so rough on clothes it is a necessity at the beginning of the school year anyway.

Today begins a Staples sale we had been waiting on.

Marble composition books twenty five cents apiece!!!! They come in a pack of two so fifty cents a pack.

Single subject notebooks - a six pack for thirty cents.

And to top it all of they give you ten free folders. Nothing is better than free!

So my total for today -

$1.50 for 6 composition books
$ .30 for 6 single subject notebooks
$0.00 for ten folders
Before tax - $1.80!

Three weeks to school starts and 85% done on the school shopping - Fabulous.

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