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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Am I the only one in this mindset, travel = get new things.

I just realized the person I am going to see is one of my best friends. She has seen me throwing up, fever ravaged, and taken care of me. She doesn’t care what I wear. She doesn’t care that what I have on I’ve worn before…So why do I have the mindset of go, buy, spend…because I know I’m traveling.

I’m trying to break this need to spend to feel better. I should be happy period. I’m going to see not one but two friends. I haven’t seen one in at least three years and the other in two. Are they buying new clothes for me to see them as I crash out on their respective couches? No.

I talk to my kids all the time about mass consumption and not buying into the seductive power to spend. It feels good to buy yourself something. I know, I feel great after I find a cute handbag. I feel better when I get it cheap, but cheap and free are two total different things.

I cannot be the only one who wants to buy new things for a trip. I see it all the time…but why do I and they feel the need to do it. Where I’m going I’m pretty sure no one has seen me in the clothing I have. And if they have, so what? Who cares if you are seen in the same outfit twice?

I actually think I need to return some of the purchases I have made. I bought a cute sundress on sale at Lane Bryant for $29.99 + taxes. (Regular price $49.99, not a great deal but I was in the store) I’ve bought new undies, and two pair of shoes, a vest (14.50 – regular 34.99) and shirt (7.50 regular 19.99) of the clearance racks at Ashley Stewart. I really didn’t spend a lot of money cause I made a beeline for the sale racks. I spent just about a hundred dollars. I had given myself a budget of one fifty. So not only did I stay on budget but I was under.

The thing is I have plenty of clothes and if I put more effort into laying out my clothes ahead of time I wouldn’t be so frustrated getting dressed. I am organized maybe to organized sometimes but I wait until I’m awake and out the shower to pick something to wear.

I think tonight I will take a good look at my wardrobe and lay out my clothing for the trip. I will come up with some acceptable outfits and take back half of my purchases.

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