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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I got a new JOB, or the end of unemployment woes

So, it happened the week before last...I got this call "Ms. Spendthrift, we are calling to offer you the position of ..." I almost blacked out then but I had to accept the position first so I held it together.

Unfortunately, I was at my temp job and could not do the happy dance or scream as my first inclination would normally be.

So I am excited, and I started my new position yesterday.

There are so many things to consider when starting and accepting a new position. Things I didn't consider in taking my last position. I admit I was desperate for work then and just wanted to be employed. My last boss was a cool guy, my supervisor the person in between us and my direct report was not a cool person at all. We shared a couple of personality traits, we were bibliophiles, we loved organization, we were slightly uncomfortable in social positions that did not include our social circle.

However there our similarities ended, she wanted a robot and I wanted to be a person. Other people at work disliked me for other reasons. And I will be adult enough to admit I didn't like a couple of people. So I didn't fit in well at all. The things I was best at and wanted to do, no one wanted me to assume those duties. I was expected to fill a small role. When I asked for more responsibility I was given things waaaaay beyond my pay scale. Things I had never done before. I admit the last three months there I was so bored I took the cowards way out and just kept hoping for things to get better. I should have been searching for another position quietly then. I dreaded going to work in the morning, I knew my day would be so routine and dull. The stress of working in that type of environment is dangerous.

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