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Monday, October 20, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

I love library sales. It combines two of my favorite things libraries and sales. And there was a phenomenal one this weekend. There was a mini warehouse full of cheap books. I had to stop myself from over doing it... One guy who I suspect was like an Amazon book seller spent $131.

I got so many books that I almost couldn't count them but I did.

We spent $67.84 at the PGCMLS Library sale. That works out to 0.729 cents per item. This was the price list adult hard covers were one dollar, paper backs were 3 for a dollar, children's hard covers were like fifty cents.

What did we get? 90 books and 3 DVDs!

Included in that book totals,
  • 9 graphic novels (really thick comic books for us old people),
  • a dictionary,
  • a thesaurus,
  • two test prep books - SAT and GRE with CD,
  • two coffee table books,
  • several (eight) personal finance books, and
  • a slew of children's books.

I did have some great finds like Langston Hughes, Toni Morrison for fifty cents. I did look for and could not find some of my favorite authors that I read from the library.

I stopped buying books months ago in the effort to cut expenses and believe me I have missed it so...it is hard to go cold turkey from Barnes & Noble, and Borders, and Amazon. I love getting new to me books. The library is a great place but there is nothing like running out of space on your own personal book shelves. I'll post a picture later of my over flowing shelves.

I almost bought a whole set of encyclopedias the cheapest set was forty bucks but was from 2004, the others ranged up to sixty-five dollars and the most current was from 2006. I remember when I was young and inquisitive (now I'm just inquisitive) my grandmother would make me look things up if I needed to know something.

Now I use the Internet for almost all of my research, yes, even for work; but I miss the feel of slick pages between my fingers. I feel like I am depriving my children of the experience of me telling them to "go look it up!"

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