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Sunday, October 19, 2008

IRS promises fix to stimulus check problem

I read this story and realized this could so be me!


Since our quickie marriage in early September I haven't changed anything. I am only a paper spouse. All of my plastic still carries my maiden name - debit card , licenses, my health insurance card came yesterday and it has my new name hyphenated. My work email was just changed to the new last name. My husband has to think I don't love him enough.

My checkbook still has my previous address. Why because I'm too cheap to buy new checks with the correct address on them and I'm so glad now because just as soon as I would have ordered new checks I would have gotten married and then had to order more checks with the new last name! Lucky me I rarely write checks anymore, correction I wasn't writing checks -I have been writing checks for tithing purposes at church to get rid of them. And I wasn't just writing a check for me I am writing for each of the kids too. I have starting going through about twelve checks a month now. I refuse to order new checks when I still have almost a half a box.

So I guess I need to make a hit list:

1. Social Security Administration
2. Department of Motor Vehicles
3. State Department
4. Banks
5. Work- Human Resources (I did this first)
6. I'm pretty sure I should add something else.

Okay, I took a brief break to research and found this check list and I admit (I do love to be right) that I had all the steps down.

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