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Thursday, October 23, 2008

K-mart and Layaway

Kmart is doing a lot of advertising about the return of layaway.

Problem with this is…not all of their stores will be offering layaway.

No I didn’t go to Kmart and get rejected. Hubby and I were talking about Christmas presents for the kids(We will be in a timeshare in Orlando for the Christmas) and how we would smuggle them down with us. I said do you want to go browse K-mart’s toy section to see what was out and how much it was running. I then said if we find a couple of things we could place it in layaway. He shot me down quickly about the layaway thing. The K-Mart near us does not offer layaway. I argued back – I just saw the commercial and they are offering layaway.

So I called and of course he is right I simply called and was told they didn’t have layaway and would not be offering layaway for the Christmas season. . (I told you I was due to be wrong this month)

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