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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Paying for the pouncing cat

I have officially started my new position almost two months in now, and I like the job. I'm not crazy about it yet. Maybe I need a little more time or maybe I am expecting too much out of a job. It feels like a new jacket that someone else picked out for you.

On other fronts, I like people watching and one of my co-workers drives a Jaguar. She gave me a lift to the Metro and I noticed she has a tape deck. Yes a cassette tape deck in her Jaguar, not an older model but a newer one. I didn't want to seem ungrateful for the ride so I didn't ask if she had a CD changer in the trunk.

One of the things I soo dislike about living in DC is the attitude of "fake it til you make it". The need to have expensive items projecting an upper class lifestyle when you are on a middle class budget. Or a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.

Maybe she does have a CD changer in the trunk, but the whole episode runs through my mind as wrong. Fancy cars like a Jaguar should have all the amenities otherwise all you are paying for is this really nice hood ornament.
I did the Kelly Blue book on Jaguar S-type a 2000 model runs from $4,800 to a 2007 models top price of over $48,000.

So what is the image she is projecting? Or am I reading the whole thing badly?

I am known to be wrong occasionally and I'm due.

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