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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Okay, work was slow this morning, and so I checked my feed reader and this title:

So of course I must read this fascinating tidbit. I love to read books on post-apocalyptic times, I always tell my husband we should stock up on more food especially sale items. He of course loves running to the store every week. I was raised in the country and if we went to the grocery store more than twice a month it was two times too many. First, my grandmother raised me. She was born in 1921 and lived her formative years during the Great Depression. If I know my history correctly the Great Depression started in 1929, So she was eight years old and it ended in the 1940 when she had reached adulthood.

I have to admit I never thought it strange that we only shopped once a month or that we bought things in bulk. It wasn't until I was away from my grandmother that I realized a fully stocked kitchen wasn't the norm. If she cooked a pie, she cooked ten pies, and froze most of them. If we traded for a bushel of greens she cooked all of them, left out enough for dinner and froze the rest. All surplus was prepared for the long haul in one way or the other whether they were canned, or frozen or dehydrated.
I have a long road ahead of me trying to break my city raised husband of his tendency to go to the grocery every other day it seems. I try to tell him the stock really isn't fresher every day maybe week to week but he still tries to go.
I don't see the purpose of buying one loaf of bread when picking up two or three at the same time is so hard. We both know they will be used, we both understand that it is using extra gas, we both know that another trip to the store is wasting time especially if we are only going for one item. We both may understand but he is the one who keeps going.
Maybe I should let him live in the country where the nearest grocery store is a thirty minute drive and he will understand the way I think...

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  1. I am one of those who goes to the grocery store everyday (I am in the process of reforming) but I still have a tendency to buy in threes. Don't know why but I always buy three of whatever.