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Friday, October 24, 2008

Unexpected Refund...Future Snowflaker?

Recently, Hubby and I switched from Comcast cable to the Verizon Fios bundle.

The last bill I received for Comcast wasn't pro-rated since we were switching during the middle of the billing cycle. So I paid like $15.00 over my bill to cover the balance of the month and whatever we used until the billing cycle was over... I would love to say I calculated this, the guy from customer service who was closing my account did. We of course had to turn in our boxes and remotes and whatever else we had from Comcast.

So I never got a final bill, but I did get a refund check from Comcast for $5.44. Lovely. I immediately deposited the money, and it got me to thinking about Snowflaking. The debt payment method where you send all the little money to a specific debt until you have completely exhausted that debt.

If I were a Snowflaker, that extra $5.44 would get to go toward my Sallie Mae bill for this month.

I have seriously thought of becoming a snowflaker. I have old debts and new that I would like to discharge as quickly as possible. So if I took all of my extra income and applied it to one debt I could discharge it quicker.

I have so focused on saving for an emergency fund, and replacing the money I have pulled out that I have excluded reducing my debt as quick as possible. I may have missed a golden opportunity with my last paycheck to discharge quite a bit of debt since I had that couple hundred dollars left over and threw it into a savings account.

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