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Friday, November 7, 2008

Banks - love hate relationship

The thing I like and hate most about banks are waiting for the check to clear I'm sure it is psychological and reflects my attitude toward money. Whether I wrote the check or I received the check. I hate waiting for my money to be deducted because every place has a different withdrawal system. Some banks take one day for a check to clear and other can take up to a week.

I even had one bank hold its own check for two days. Yes I said it, they held their own check for two days and it wasn't the weekend. I have been wondering why this is. Especially as it seems to take forever for my money to leave my bank when I am transferring money to my online savings account.

I opened a new account with HSBC on October 16, 2008 to save for the opening deposit of my Roth account, the money did not leave my account until October 24.

I know you can open an account just by setting up a direct deposit of fifty or sixty a month but I am trying to set a short to mid term goal to achieve. I would like to say wow!

Once I have finished this goal maybe I will be able to celebrate even if I only do the happy dance.

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