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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day or too much shopping

Hi all,

I had the day off and my husband and I got up bright and early to hit the IKEA sale. We got there at 8:45, the sore doesn't open until ten. There were already people in line and my husband talked to them they were there at 8 am.

The sale everyone was there soo early for: An 18 piece dish set for $9.99 regular 30.00 (we got two sets) and a table with four chairs for $59.00 regular 129.00! We also saw an easel for 25.00 that we will be returning to get for the little one. It has a dry erase board and the a shelf to place a roll of paper underneath. (If you have ever seen our little one with paper and markers you will understand, this is a great present for her.)

We also hit the Salvation Army. We were looking for a desk chair on the cheap; my current on doesn't have a back or arms and has a lot of duct tape. I wasn't feeling the one there even though it was thirty bucks, it kinda gave me the heebie jeebies. Instead, I found a sweater vest for $3.99 with the 58.00 price tag on it. I had to strip the mannequin for it, so I left a half naked headless woman in my wake. There were a lot of books for sale but the hardcovers started at one dollar and change and continued to rise. The non-fiction books (the ones I wanted the most were the most costly) so I left them behind.

We hit my favorite store Dollar Tree - where everything is a dollar. We only got nine items. Three of them weren't needed. I can say this but I have regrets for buying them.

We then hit Steve and Barry's. Twenty two items - a little over one hundred dollars in clothes; namely pj's, a couple of sweaters, t-shirts, cap, shirts, sweatshirts and gloves. All of the Steve and Barry's purchases will be held for Christmas. (I love shopping in November for Christmas)

Office Depot has a 2GB mp3 player for $29.99 with video capabilities of up to four hours or can store up to 450 songs. (Can you say Christmas present?) They won't ship to your home but you can get pick it up from the store. We get ours tomorrow.

Staples had the 24x36 art poster regular $6.99 for .50cents. I schitt you not. Of course they are unframed. Some were very traditional posters Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night, Lunch atop Skyscraper, and a couple of those old French advertisement poster with the waiters and wine bottles and vibrant colors. Others are more modern - Parisian kiss, a close up of large flower arrangement by Barbara Bordnick Gerbera. We got ten. My brilliant husband says we should go get the rest of them to keep for emergency gifts.

Today, we had an expensive day. We filled up the van - 38.00. We ate at Wendy's. We didn't have time to go home - parent teacher conferences at three different schools.

So our total for the day is $308.94.

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