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Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm back...

Phoenix was fun, of course I didn't get to have a lot of fun (my boss was there and I had actual work to do), and I have to return to work tomorrow. It is great to travel on someone else's dime, and see places I've never seen before.

We stayed at the Phoenix Sheraton Downtown, which has only be open a couple of weeks. The hotel was beautiful, the meeting space was great, the people friendly. However the guest services people were freaking idiots, and housekeeping people were lazy. I say this because I went to get ice to chill some water so I could take my medicine. I opened my ice bucket and at the bottom were molded grapes. I call and ask for another ice bucket. Nothing happens, I call again they bring me a new ice bucket but fail to take away the one with molded grapes or bring me liners for the new one. I finally took the first bucket with molded grapes down stairs and asked for someone. I shouldn't have had to do that and housekeeping should learn to check everything not skim the damn room.

I was stuck in the Denver airport not once but twice (damn Frontier airline); I was in Colorado so long I should receive residency papers in the mail any day now.

I spent a little more freely than I had intended. Plus I had unexpected expenses $15 check bag fees, $20 cab to hotel - because of my airport delays. So I have to apply for reimbursement. I learned a lot, got to meet people, and generally had a good time. I am tired and glad to be home until it is time to leave again or the kids begin to annoy me.

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  1. I have a teeny tiny itty bitty bit of sympathy for you on the travel issues as I had recently had to SLEEP in an airport. However, you do get much sympathy on the working with your supervisor while at a conference/convention - to me those should be corporate sponsored mini-vacations :-)