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Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm horrible, or Expense Tracking Day Two

Remember I said I was going to track my expenses for a month from October 15 through November 15.

Well guess what I did I missed a couple of days of writing things down. Then I missed another day and didn't get a receipt and then I just stopped all together.

I won't be discouraged, I am disappointed in myself for not completing my task and reaching my own goals.

This is the problem with setting goals sometimes if you don't complete them you get more discouraged than if you hadn't tried at all.

Expenses November 1st = $80.88

Nail shop - $8.00 (My eyebrows get so thick I can comb them over my forehead)

Safeway - $28.38 (Fruits, vegetables, peanut butter and bread) Club Card Savings $9.63

Marshall's - $42.38 (One pair of pants for me 9.99, Kathy Von Zeeland clutch 19.99, two pair of denim shorts on clearance(hubby) - 5.00 a piece)

Dollar Tree - $2.12 (Double A batteries for daughters Leapster and a soda)

Expenses November 2nd = $116.14

Tithes - $103.00

CVS - $12.38 (Two prescriptions, and toothpaste on sale, three deodorants bought with buy one get one free and extra care bucks)

Giant - $30.78 (Yogurt, lunch meat, more vegetables)

Cash received - $40.00 Babysitting

Cash withdrawn - $10.00

I have imported a new Excel spreadsheet that I have pre-loaded with some of my everyday expenses - like my transportation costs. My fixed monthly expenses are also loaded.

I hope this will give me easier tracking. I also picked up a tip from Jean Chatzky's Pay it Down!From Debt to Wealth on Ten dollars a day which I have been reading. This is one of the 90+ items I got our local library sale. I am going to put my receipts into my wallet. My purses are suitcases and the receipts get lost of destroyed! And I hate to stop in the middle of the store to write down my totals.

Well first you have to know, I destroyed my last wallet. I had it since the birth of my first child twelve years ago and I think it fell apart just so I would have to use something else. It was a clutch type brown leather that I got somewhere (I can't remember it has been that long) for like twelve dollars. I LOVED that wallet, it had a dedicated area for your checkbook, a dozen pockets, and a zippered change holder.

Well all the ones I have bought since just didn't feel right. I finally found one that is pretty and more functional than most. I got a Kathy Von Zeeland clutch that I had been looking at for at least three months for twenty dollars at the Marshalls.

So with the addition of the new wallet and the online spreadsheet I hope to have a better chance of completing my goal of tracking my expenses for the month.

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