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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My personal style

I am very geeky. I know this. I'm cool with it. My personal style has sort of cemented itself without my even realizing it.

For work I prefer to wear button down shirts with a sweater over it daily (no matter the weather) and bottoms range from slacks to jeans to skirts. I will add an extra layer of a suit jacket or a blazer. I know very librarian especially with penny loafers.

I will have to travel for work in another two weeks and I won't have to dress up - yeah me! No suits! However I realized I will need more heavy duty sweaters to combat the freezing temps (not that it isn't cold here in the DC area) of New Mexico and Arizona. We are touring the Navajo Nation for a week. Most of my sweaters are light weight and perfect for layering. I only have four heavy sweaters (two of these are hubby's). My problem is I am pretty cold all day all night inside or outside no matter what the temperature is.

I have been thinking I need to hit the thrift store and get some heavy sweaters for the trip. I have some thermals but I know me. I will probably be shivering no matter how many layers I have on.

I realized something though when I was reviewing my clothes for the trip. I have a pretty easy style to maintain. I can purchase several button down shirts (men's or women's) and sweaters (men's or women's) from the thrift store for the price of a new sweater from almost anywhere. I was in Marshall's purse shopping. (I put two in layaway - one Guess and one of my favorite designers Diane Von Furstenburg.)

Back to the story there were these really nice cashmere sweaters for sixty dollars, department store price was ninety. I saw them and immediately made a beeline for them, saw the price tag, did a double take and went right on past.

My style (if you want to call it that) evolved from working in offices where no one can agree on the temperature. I got a great deal on half a dozen sweaters )the thin layering kind) from Lane Bryant on clearance. I think they were four dollars a piece and I sort of evolved from there. I have been a geek most or all of my life. I have moments on non-geekiness but they are only moments. So the style appeals to me, and fits me well.

How has your personal style developed? Do you have a personal style?

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