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Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 Financial Goals

I have been pondering what financial goals I would like to achieve in 2009. This is harder for me than it sounds. I know what my retirement goals are eventually I would like to own a RV and travel coast to coast. But it is the day to day, year to year planning that I know I need to focus on to achieve my longest financial goal. For 2009, I know I want to amass a larger Emergency Fund as well as a large if not equal Life Happens fund about six months of expenses in both. I want to begin a Roth account and fully fund it. I want to focus on 529s for the little ones. I want to purchase a new to me vehicle (this one is more of a hope than a goal, it is not necessary for me to have but I do want one).

I want a lot, I will achieve a lot (I just have to get in the mindset).

I worry about my money and finances. I have always wondered if others worry as much as I do. Most people I know have such a cavalier attitude about money which as many of you know frustrates me even more.

So I am dividing my 2009 goals into three categories: Short Term Financial, Mid Term Financial and Long Term Financial

Short Term:

Pay for wisdom tooth extraction
Pay for notebook computer repair
Schedule new recurring payments to boost Emergency and Life Happens
Pick small charge offs on credit report to pay off
Brainstorm ways to bring in multiple income streams

Mid Term:

Save the 1000 dollars to initially fund Roth account
Start 529s for the little ones
Pay off small charges on credit report
Develop ideas into plans to have multiple income streams

Long Term

Max out Roth contributions for the year
Pay myself a car note each month in anticipation of getting a car
Save six months of expenses in Emergency Fund
Save six months of expenses in Life Happens Fund
Apply multiple income streams to snowflaking

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