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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Flexible Spending Account

I had a minor panic attack set off Monday when I arrived at work (after being out all of last week) and the first thing I read in my inbox is from HR saying that the deadline to enroll for the 2009 Flexible Spending Account was December 26, 2008.

Friday! Luckily for me the HR lady is cute and the account rep likes her a lot because I enrolled yesterday at 4:30 pm.

I signed up for $50 a pay period. I know this seems like a lot but my son is ADHD and he goes to the doctor every month with a ten dollar co pay on the office visit. Twenty dollars per prescription and he gets at least two a month, and that doesn't include the rest of us. He also needs glass. I am prone to breaking mine.

$50 a pay period times 24 pay periods equals $1200 for the year. I have to be diligent to get all of that money back and find new ways and check all my pharmacy receipts.

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  1. PHEW!

    That's really scary to think that you missed the deadline.

    How sweet of her to make an exception. I do find that people set deadlines a week before they need to be set just so they catch procrastinating stragglers (not you). I've done that on a number of occasions.

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