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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For those of you with little ones

My little one wanted to write Santa a letter with her gift list. Well while Hubby was searching for an envelope she said 'can't I email Santa?"

So I typed in Santa's email and guess what you can email Santa!

It is a great site, with a formatted template so even the littlest ones can type in their name, email, and city. I like it even more because the kids could only put in three "wishes from their gift list". Forcing them to do some self editing and pick the most important things to them not a catch all of everything.

After the letter is 'emailed' a response email from Santa appears. There are some privacy options to activate. Kids even have the option of printing their Santa letter to show off to their friends.

After the little one did it the oldest (16) one wanted to do it to. So a lot of fun for all.

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