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Monday, December 1, 2008

I am searching for more work

In my effort to increase my overall savings, replace what has been drained from my Emergency fund - dentist and refund completely my Life Happens fund (I'm a fan of Michelle Singletary)switching pay periods. I have been searching for some freelance research or virtual assistant work.

Whatever money I make I hope to directly shuttle to either Emergency or Life Happens. I submitted a couple of proposals and I'm waiting for the bid time to close.

I am using a couple of sites I have never heard of. I am not comfortable placing a profile on all of them but I guess the longer I am looking the less my tensions will build. I also am not comfortable to pay to place my profile. I'm sure over time this too will fade.

I will keep looking at the freelance sites trying to find additional work and hopefully increase my savings to pre-emergency levels.

Have you been looking for additional income?

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  1. I always hear that if you have to pay to find a job, you're doing it wrong. I too have been looking for extra work. Here in New Orleans, they are administering the test to be an enumerator for the 2010 census and it is a flexible job that allows you to maintain your full time day job. But when I called the number I go the vm so tomorrow's the last day for the test. I hope I can get in as it pays from 12 - 19 /hr.