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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I survived ....

I survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday without blowing the bank. We did go out on Black Friday to the Game Stop to get my son’s new to him Nintendo DS lite and three games. Buy 2 used games get the third game free. The crowds here seemed larger because the store is miniscule.

I went into the Ashley Stewart. It was bleak as well. A good Black Friday sale to me is not ten dollar sweaters especially when it is regularly thirty dollars. I want five or seven dollar sweaters.

I ran through the Dress Barn earlier Thursday. Do you know what, the store is empty maybe three other customers total! It was early maybe noon but there should have been more people on the busiest shopping day of the year. The sale at Dress Barn was less than impressive. Buy one get one 50% off. The sale and clearance racks were better but not by much. One rack was 60% percent off regular price with an additional twenty percent, and 50% off with an additional ten percent off. However, the one item I was going to purchase (a black pinstripe vest) I got from the 60% percent off rack with a dozen of its mates and it rings up as a 50% off. I show the lady were it came from and the sign is prominently displayed with the big 6 0. She said the vests were in the wrong spot and she wouldn’t give me the additional percentage off. I left the vest right there in the store.

I went to the Avenue as well. I must be missing something. I remember really good deals on Black Friday. The ones I saw last week were not good deals; I’ve seen better deals on a random Tuesday in April.

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  1. well i dint even bother to go out on black friday...i guess because i just never understood the name??? "black friday" - kinda denotes a day full of mystical forces that may take control over you. nonetheless, i went out on saturday and there were NO good deals at any of the stores i went to, with one exception. this past summer i purchased a tank dress for $16.99, which was quite a splurge for me at the time. i went last week and saw there were some in different colors. as its winter i figured they would be on sale - lo and behold they were not. needless to say i was very disappointed. BUT, when i went back on white saturday they were 2 for $10; of course i got 2. the best purchase i made the entire weekend.

    nice to know im not the only one that noticed there were really no good deals out there - thot i was going crazee 4 a minute.