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Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm ready

For this trip for work to be over already. I like traveling, especially using others money but the annoyances are piling on before we have even left.

I am looking forward to seeing the Arizona/New Mexico desert and mountains. I will remember this time to take my camera.

My daughter decided she would miss me and she was going to try to fit herself into my suitcase. She emptied it out. (I hadn't emptied it completely after I came back from Phoenix) and she found my gel body oil. I thought that I had been jacked by the TSA. I love gel body oil there is one made by Vaseline that runs about seven dollars and change plus tax in CVS. There is the CVS brand which will run five bucks and change plus tax. Gel body oil is like slathering yourself in baby oil. It does wonders for my dry skin. The stuff is like Turtle wax for your skin, I have washed my hands and had the water bead up on them.

When I thought the TSA had jacked me first I was distraught because I love using the stuff so much. Then I was hurt even more when I realized I had to go replace a brand new bottle. A bottle can last me two to three months, even with daily applications.

So now I have two almost full bottles, and a portion of another I keep at my desk at work. When I went to the CVS the Vaseline gel body oil was on sale for the same as the CVS. But I am still upset that I spent more money to replace a bottle I didn't have to replace. I have buyers' remorse over six dollars. How can I begin to transfer buyers remorse into non-buying? Is it possible to get buyer's remorse before you buy?

Do you get buyer's remorse too?

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