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Monday, December 22, 2008

More overtime, windfall application

I signed my time sheet for the period December 1st through the 15th. I had get this 139 hours!

Did they work me like a new slave or what?

One hundred and twenty hours is three weeks of work. So I worked three weeks and the portion of another in two weeks time. I wondered why I was so tired. Why I was dragging in, plopping down and falling asleep? I was dead dog tired.

I was kinda excited about this windfall of overtime - 51 hours. Then I remembered the taxes, the 6% percent I dedicate to my 401k, the check will be more but not the windfall I hoped.

What should I do with over a weeks worth of extra pay?

  • Sallie Mae will come out of forbearance in January and I have to resume payments.
  • I have had some hits to my Emergency and Life Happens funds that need replacing.
  • I have to have one very painful impacted wisdom tooth extracted like now! It is moving and pressing onto another tooth.
  • I want to purchase a new (to me) car, I could sock it away as a save on the down payment.
  • I could apply it to some of the smaller charge offs on my credit report.

How do you apply your windfalls?

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  1. I'd do the tooth. Immediately.

    Your health is really important.

    Thanks for favouriting me, I am going to add you to my reader :D

    (Oh.. and as for working insane hours - I've been there, done that. But the money is so sweet when you're done)