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Monday, December 8, 2008

On the road again

I am here on the Navajo reservation for work. I was on Historic Route 66. Three things, one the landscape is starkly beautiful. Two, the Navajo people are friendly. Three being here has given me a new perspective on how well off I am. Many of the homes here don't have running water or electricity. The are poorly constructed and are very small. I makes me grateful for what I do have. I have spent some money at the gift shops, I tried to only purchase hand made products to support the local economy.

In an effort to reduce my spending and keep up my conversion, I wanted to be cheap and eat the free continental breakfast at the hotel; thereby saving myself the cost of breakfast. The others with me want to go to a chain restaurant for breakfast. So I ate a light meal at the hotel and then had fruit at the restaurant. I will probably continue to do this the rest of the trip, why pay for breakfast when you don't have too?

They also like to shop everyday. I have abstained today from shopping and will end up dining alone for dinner. There is a Pancake House across the street. I will skip over later and grab a stack.

Other news, remember my previous posts about cuts at work... My employer had a staff meeting that I missed but I received an email update. There will be NO year end bonuses. I wasn't looking for one, but our company has less than fifty employees. We couldn't get fifty dollars apiece? A token of appreciation. I am not disappointed but I imagine those who have been there longer are disappointed. Once you begin receiving a bonus, you begin to expect a bonus.

We haven't stopped the car so that I could take any pictures of the countryside. The wind is cold and has the bite of the whip to it. They are predicting 5-15 inches of snow, so there is no time for lolly-gagging. I will try to get some pictures but pictures will not do the vistas justice.

I'll try to post more later or tomorrow.

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