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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thrift Store Sweaters

Remember my previous post about my personal style. Well this morning what does CNN have on The Recessionist shopping at thrift stores, her best find a three hundred dollar cashmere sweater for fifty, and a coat with removal fur trim for under twenty... Of course this spot ran after CNN reported that retail sales were down for the fifth straight month and that households were actively shrinking their debt load. Others are cacthing up to what I have been trying to do. Here is my last thrift store find, not my best but:

Casual Corner sweater - $4.99 (right)
Sonoma sweater - $4.99

Two sweaters under ten dollars! Black Friday I was searching for sweaters and the cheapest I found was ten dollar for a thin one and fifteen for a thick one.

What are your best thrift store finds?
Are you even trying to thrift store it?
What are

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  1. I tend to not go unless I have $20 to spend or more, because I hate trying on clothes