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Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Big O or Goals in Progress

Now that the new year has arrived the first thing I want to tackle will be household organization. My pantry is very similar to this one, let me tell the truth - it is so much worse than this one.

I try to be neat and orderly; unfortunately I live in a household where everything is (currently) helter skelter. I feel my individual spaces rarely have a chance with the encroaching mess.

I realized something about organization. If you slack even a little you can find yourself screwed. The big O is hard to maintain in a full house.

I have been looking for something for three days. Where do I find it? In the last place I looked, of course.

I have created a spreadsheet of all the things I want to do today, tomorrow and for the rest of the month. I have named it Goals in Progress. I have come to realize that I can't set a goal and just expect myself to accomplish it. I really have to list each step along the way.

So I'm scheduling myself what I was going to call The Big O time. After thinking a minute (no coffee this morning) I am now going to call it my Goals in Progress Time. This time (15-20 minutes) will be to list all the things I want to complete and a review time of all the things I have completed.

My course of action today will be to organize my desk. I would take a picture so that you could witness the disaster but I don't want you to suffer PTSD.

After the desk, maybe my bedroom or my daughters room. It is the worst room in the house. The living room needs work, the basement too.

Once those are complete, the most dreaded of all the garage. I know I may not finish all of these tasks today or even this week but it is my personal goal for January to get the house in order. February's goal will be to not let it fall into rack and ruin.

I have an idea that my husband is an unconfirmed pack rat. I would really like to liquidate half of our belongings. I sometimes feel like the clutter is an actual menace. Am I the only one who feels this way? I want a stress free, organized home.

I can do it too.

It may take all of '09 to pull it off, but it is a goal in progress...

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