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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cheap Desk Accessories

My love of the Dollar Tree is well known. However there is one thing I like better than a store where everything is a dollar - that is a store when things are marked down 50%.
I got these cute gift boxes at the Dollar Tree off the clearance racks. The square ones came nestled and they were fifty cents for the set. Yeah a quarter a piece! The round one was fifty cents as well.
For now I will leave them as they are, but when I tire of them I will wrap them in some pretty paper so they can be used year round on my desk.
My last set of desk accessories were used jars - mayo, dip, pickles, etc. I washed them really well, bleached all of the food smell out. The glued strips of wrapping paper I think it was birthday paper on to them.
Once I pick paper for these boxes, I will post pictures.
I had been wanting some nice holders for my desk especially since you can now see the surface of it, but all the sets I saw were ugly, too big, too small or even worse expensive. One has thumb tacks for my super cheap bulletin board ( a sheet of plywood cut in half), another has paperclips, staples, and post it notes. The round one holds pens, pencils, markers and scissors.
I originally purchased these with the intent of saving them to use next Christmas, but changed my mind when I spilled thumbtacks all over the floor. I have to go back to the Dollar Tree tomorrow to get ready for Valentine's Day when I went in Sunday, the Valentines stuff was in boxes in the aisles. I need to stock up on the cute little bags, hard candy, and one dollar Valentine cards. I will check then to see if there are anymore of the boxes on the racks.
How have you re-purposed something lately?

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  1. That's smart idea. And you can change them out when you want.

    I like the idea of wrapping them in pretty fabric.

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