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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Coffee Woes continue

One of our perks at work is COFFEE. There is also tea and every once in a while a couple packets of hot chocolate will appear. Then they disappear just as quickly, I have assumed they were a mirage.

I love Coffee. I drink it all day.

I know I have talked about how we can't seem to keep coffee and all its components in the office at the same time.

I mean we go through the ringer. Coffee and sugar, but no creamer or Equal. Creamer and sugar but no regular coffee just decaf. Powdered creamer! Eeech....Regular coffee and creamer, but no sugar. Finally Thursday we had all of the above. Today, there are only five packs of sugar.

Can a sister catch a break? I brought a container of sugar from home, do I need to bring creamer?

I noticed that a lot of people were hoarding sugar packets at their desk. Don't you hate that? Why hoard something at your desk? It is for everyone. I know the coffee is for coffee drinkers but you don't see the die hards (they are like five of us) hoarding filters and beans at our desks do you.

Sugar is a community item. Community is the key word. Don't have ten packets at your desk, you could be holding five people or more from their cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, kool-aid, etc. If you need that much bring some from home!

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  1. That's irritating.

    Try licking the cream spout in front of them to deter them.

    Just kidding! :)

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