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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Direct Deposit for my FSA Claims

I received an email from the HR lady. (Don't you love her, I do) It had my claim form as well as a form that will allow me to set up direct deposit for my Flexible Spending Account claims. Yeah! I have a problem though...were should I put that money to use. Should I deposit it into one of my HSBC accounts?

Directly into the Emergency Fund?

Life Happens?

Roth Starter Fund?

Should I use that money as a snowflake payment to Sallie Mae? Or a charge off?

I am so conflicted as to what to use the money for, as I wrote before I have plenty of goals that I want to meet and this at least fifty dollars a month will contribute to me possibly completing one this year.


  1. Simple solution that will answer all of your questions and eliminate any additional anxiety you may have - SEND IT TO ME!! I will make very good use of it...you should already have

  2. How about picking 2 funds and splitting it?

    I don't know how much you're looking at, but throw half into "savings" (EF or Roth Starter takes my vote) and the rest into debt.

    That way you cover both

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  3. You should prioritize your goals and apply the money to the goal that is the most important to YOU.

    If it were ME, I'd use it to pay off any remaining debt with the highest interest rate first.