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Monday, January 19, 2009

How do you feel about?

Buying coupons? I have been on Ebay and seen the sale of coupons. I'm sure there are other sites where people sell and purchase coupons. The thing is I have thought of doing this myself.

I am a couponer. I love saving money and paying less than retail. I love looking at the receipt and seeing how much I saved with just a little effort. We clip at least once a week. Normally we just clip what we will use and coupons for dog food and diapers or whatever else will make their way to the recycle bin. I realized we throw a lot of coupons away.

Do I really want to invest more of my time scanning or taking photos and posting them on the web? I already have an Ebay account and Paypal, so I don't have to go through that set up hassle. I have been emailing with a lady who does it, she makes about $65 dollars a week. That's comes out to $260 a month.

I need an income injection like that a month, more like a saving or snowflake injection. Maybe I will start small. Pick five to ten sets, post them and see what happens. I can invest an hour a week for three weeks to see how well I do.

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