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Friday, January 2, 2009

How to Keep Your Job While Unemployment is on the Rise

I read a great article on Generation X Finance. It had five tips that would help you to keep your job in this downturn. I agree with the tips because I have been trying to do them as one of the newer employees at my company.

I was recruited by the HR lady in early December to do the monthly company newsletter. I reluctantly agreed. My reservations were simple, I had done the company newsletter before so I knew the drawbacks. First, that a newsletter is time consuming, second - it requires me relying on others for information and cooperation, and third - there really is no glory in doing as one co-worker called it the school paper.

Regardless of my reservations, I produced a twelve page eNewsletter that if I must admit was pretty nice. It had a little bit for everyone - industry articles, fun facts, area events, an ice breaker, and I recruited some of the more reclusive employees to participate.

Everyone complimented me on it, and now because I made myself available (Tip 1 & 3) and accepted more responsibility - the COO has approached me about doing a bi-weekly newsletter for another division of the company. The eNewsletter that I produce is an internal one.

This bi-weekly one may be for external use to promote the other division to the general public. Which is really a whole different ball of wax. I'll let you know once I know what responsibility the extra work will entail...if it does happen I know what will be involved - more work, more responsibility and quicker deadlines.

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