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Friday, January 23, 2009

Hubby has a J O B

Not only has he gotten a job but he has been there a week.

Happy 1st week Bay! (He reads occasionally)

He went for the interview on Friday the January the 9Th. He was interviewed by four different people. He got a call shortly after leaving the last interview (three hours after he started). They wanted him to come in and fill out paperwork on Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday he was in orientation/training. By Friday the 16Th, he was having his first official day of work.

I'm so excited for several reasons.

First is the fact that he has a JOB. With the economy shedding positions like water off a ducks back, I feared it would be many months before he found something. PF staple - want to pay off debt then make more money. We need the additional income boost.

Second, there is the additional income.

Third, he will be eligible for benefits in 90 days. We will be comparing benefits packages especially for medical and dental. My plan is $97.20 bi-weekly for the family.

His is estimated to be $103.00 bi-weekly. We will compare the co-payments on office visits and prescriptions. We go through a lot of prescriptions.

I also want to explore how this will affect my newly created Flexible Spending Account. Would he need to set up his own FSA? If the payments come out of my check, and the insurance is in his name what happens? Will I need to suspend my FSA deductions? Can he set up an FSA, and the insurance be in my name?

So many questions so few answers...

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