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Saturday, January 24, 2009

I let the kids do the Menu Planner

Actually, I sent them to different computers and told them to get on Kraft Foods.com. Each was allowed to pick the dinner selection for one night. After bumping around the site for a little bit each one emailed me their pick. It worked so well, they had so much fun they came up with so many ideas I will let them plan a night on the weekly menus from now on.

Kraft Foods.com is an excellent resource if you are stuck on "What's for dinner?" The site has instructional videos (the longest one we watched was three minutes) that teach you tools and tricks for preparing a great meal.

How do you involve your kids in meal planning? I'm glad this experiment has worked because often one would want one thing and the others would want something different. I printed the recipes and put them on the fridge with the day marked. It served two purposes - they have seen the pictures of what each other have picked they are excited to try each meal, and it served as a reminder of what we were having. The kids would even start taking out the things to prepare that meal and they left me and hubby alone as well instead of the nagging and constant questions.

Below are the kids selections. I have hyperlinked them so that you can see the ease of the Kraft Foods site.

The little one picked BBQ Chicken Salad. My hubby calls her a Half-a-tarian (she won't eat meat on certain days - we don't know what days those will be...of course)

My middle child picked Bacon Chicken Alfredo Pizza. He will eat pizza (all day, all night) like most twelve year old boys.

The eldest selected Fettuccine Carbonara. He is trying to expand his palette (there is a girl involved.

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