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Sunday, January 18, 2009

I saved more at CVS than I spent

I always get those $4 off $20 (or $3 off $15) coupons from CVS and I rarely take advantage of them. Timing mainly, but yesterday I had time and we needed plenty of stuff.

Shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, body wash plus the kids wanted an energy drink (don't ask me why- they have too much energy now).

So I read How I Save Money.net at least once a week and I always want to do the CVS thing and walk out saving more than I spend or spend nothing at all. I have done this a couple of times at CVS. I want to do it on a regular basis.

I went through the circular online, then through my coupons. I found Soy Joy coupons. Buy one get one free or $3 off ten bars. I have never had a Soy Joy bar and I didn't want to buy a bunch and no one eat them, so I opted to use the Buy one get one free. Two coupons = four bars. The bars were on sale 10 for $10 dollars.

Suave products were 3 for $6. Got 2 body washes.

Aussie products were 3 for $10. I had an Aussie coupon for two dollars off two Aussie products. Got shampoo and conditioner.

V05 shampoo was .77 cents. Got two.

CVS mouthwash was $2.99. Got two.

Colgate toothpaste. Buy one get one free. $2.79.

Powerade. $1.79 a piece. Dollar off three coupon. Plus Extra Care Buck for buying three.

Total $42.83
Minus Coupons - $ 9.78
Minus CVS card-$ 11.83
Paid $ 21.22

I could have saved more if I had paid for some things separately with the ECB.

I hate being the one taking up the line when there is only one cashier, and seven people behind me. I still think I did pretty well considering.

The new CVS sale starts today, I will need to go back for feminine products and basics to stock up.

Once again this year, hubby and I will be taking the money we save by couponing, club cards and ECB'ing and place it into an account for the Christmas vacation and presents. The money we saved last year paid for our week at Universal Studios.

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