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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just made a new connection only by talking

One of my co-workers is an event planner, not just for work. He and another lady (an interior designer) have started their own Event Planning business here in the DC area. I saw an opportunity to put myself out there. I struck.

I simply asked "Hey co-worker, do you have or need someone to design invites, brochures, etc..."

Co-worker said "No but we have been looking, because we just landed our first gig. He then went on to describe the theme." I immediately had ideas for the design. I didn't say that. I want to work on it, then present a complete design.

Me "I've done this type of work before, I have a couple of samples, I can email them to you."

Co-worker "Great. Send them to me I will look them over."

So I sent two samples.

Email comes from co-worker "They look great. Passed them on to my business partner. Have you ever done a wedding invite?"

I feel good about the exchange. I have put myself out there and I am waiting for the universe to respond. Even if I don't get this gig, there may be more out there.

I have been looking for ways to develop multiple income streams. Steve Harvey calls it horizontal money. Money that comes to you when you when you are engaged in other activities.

As a result of scrambling to get a couple of samples together to email, I am now gathering all of my designs to pdf them. I will put them into one pdf package. I may do a couple of additional designs to "beef" up my portfolio and give me a wider range of looks to offer.

I love being creative. Some days I wish I could make my living this way. I should have done (create a portfolio, opened my mouth) this before. However procrastination has gotten to me. This year I will break those habits that hold me back. And make some money to boot.

What ways do you develop "horizontal money"?

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  1. SCORE!

    And you can now build your portfolio and get more offers by word of mouth :)

    All it'll take is a little cold calling btw..

    Fabulously Broke in the City

    "Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver."