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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Notebook, Computer Updates

We dropped off my notebook computer at the repair shop like two weeks ago. The battery wouldn't charge, the power cord appeared to have a short and the computer itself would not boot up at all. We had no idea what was wrong.

The guy at the shop said to order a new power cord first before he started to take it apart. He said if I couldn't find it for less than sixty five call him and he would order it. I did find one for surprisingly cheap. The last time I priced a power cord for my Toshiba Satellite was on the Toshiba Direct website. Even today I went to price it. $79.00! My husband recommended I look at Shop 4 Tech. Same power cord there $ 25.00 with free shipping.

The new power cord comes we take it in to the repair shop, plug it in. Same problems. He says the port the actual place that the cord gets plugged in may need to be replaced. He would call us.

He called. He opened it up, and replaced the port. $145.

The notebook computer is all of five years old. I would love to replace it, but it is not feasible. The repair shop has several they have rebuilt I am thinking of buying one there. First I want to get another computer for the children.

We have two working computers (not including My notebook) so the kids line up in a scrum to fight for computer time. We have another computer that needs a monitor and a software upgrade that we want to set up strictly for homework uses that should reduce the traffic on the main ones. Hopefully.

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  1. I remember having to fight for the computer as a kid. I hated it because I wanted to do my homework and my brother would be on there playing video games.. ARRGH!

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