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Thursday, January 8, 2009

One week to payday and I spent $95.00 on drinks

I have been trying to not spend any unnecessary money, that flew out the window when I went for drinks with a couple of co-workers. First I was suckered into this by the mention of 2 for 1 drink specials. I love to drink, and had not been out in over two months.

We get there and the 2 for 1 is the next night. That night was four dollar mixed drinks. I had a plan in place - an appetizer for my dinner and two drinks - fifteen or twenty dollars max. That all went by the wayside when one lady orders shots of Patron for everyone. She was doing the ordering, not me - so I assumed she was paying as well. Well one shot leads to another, then another, then another... Did I mention we were at a karaoke place and I love to heckle the singers? So I wasn't paying attention to how much I drank or how many?

Well uncountable drinks later the bill comes. It is close to three hundred dollars. Do you know this woman did not pay for all those drinks she ordered? I said okay, fine I drank I will pay for them (my share) but I will never go anywhere with you again. She didn't ask us if we wanted Patron at $10.90 a shot.

She just ordered. I didn't even know she had ordered.

Isn't it common to ask the table if they want to partake before ordering for everyone? She acted like a big spender ordering for everyone then when the bill came it was like she wanted to divide it per person.

I hate that I exceeded my restaurant budget for the next two months fooling around with her, but I have learned my lesson well.

I won't be hanging out with her outside of the workplace, but even there she likes to spend money. She wanted to order food, I told her I had soup and crackers. I feel a cold coming on I wanted to nurse it. She wanted to ignore the fact that I said I bought my lunch. I am not a pushover but this wasn't the place to say "Look, I just told your ass that I brought my lunch and I don't want to eat Chinese food with you. There are plenty of people around here that don't have a lunch, they never bring their lunch and they will be glad to order with you. I am not the one."

She had a great time though and was making plans for this Friday night. I politely told her I had other obligations.

I like her, I liked her more before this happened; now my opinion of her has changed. Am I wrong for that?


  1. well well well....this was interesting. you're not wrong. i wouldn't hang out with her skanky tail either.

  2. I just was so shocked and slooshed too that I just let it go, but I know never again.

  3. Oh that's frustrating!

    If she orders and doesn't ask, THEN SHE PAYS.


    It's why I don't go to bars :P

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