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Friday, January 30, 2009

Quality Family Fun for $5

This game will make you check the paint on the wall for cracks! It can get really loud really quick. I know what you are about to say "Spendthrift, Jenga games can't be found for less than twenty bucks."
Au contraire, my friend, we got our Jenga set as a birthday present for the middle child for $5.00 from Target. It is an off brand of course. I have seen a similar off brand Jenga game in Dollar General or Family Dollar. The blocks don't have Jenga or anything for that matter stamped/engraved on them. I believe the one from Target is called the Tumbling Towers.
Still the purpose of the game is the same; remove a block from the bottom. Place the block on the top of the pile without knocking the stack over. Simple and loads of fun.
All the things I said about playing cards and dominoes with your children are true here as well:

1. Learning to wait your turn.

2. Developing a strategy.

3. Implementing your strategy.

4. Focusing your attention on the task at hand.

5. Spending quality time with the family.

6. Not festering in front of the TV.

7. Learning the art of conversation outside of monosyllabic answers.
Jenga has the added bonus of giving spatial awareness. Spatial awareness is, very simply, an organized awareness of the objects in the space around us, and also an awareness of our body’s position in space.1
The world is getting increasingly harder to think in a two dimensional way. Jenga teaches your child to think in a three dimensional way by giving them a real life model they can manipulate. Studies have suggested a link between a well-developed sense of spatial awareness and artistic creativity, as well as success in math. It can also be important in the development of abstract thought.
All that for five dollars - how can you pass it up?

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