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Friday, January 16, 2009

Quality Family Time for $4

I'm back. This time I want to extol the virtue of dominoes and the frugality of some things that are virtually indestructible. (Have you ever broken a domino? Or seen a broken domino?)
All the things I said about playing cards with your children are true here as well:
1. Learning to wait your turn.
2. Developing a strategy.
3. Implementing your strategy.
4. Focusing your attention on the task at hand.
5. Spending quality time with the family.
6. Not festering in front of the TV. (That wasn't on the list but it is true.)
7. Learning the art of conversation outside of monosyllabic answers.
Plus the added bonus your kids learn to add quickly.
We have all been in line with the cashier who can not make change. Quick math skills are always a necessity. A few games of dominoes would have given them the quick math skills to forge on.
What a confidence booster dominoes has been to the little one! She is very good in math (this from her teacher, not just the bragging mother). However, her down fall in math is that she didn't have the confidence to know she had the right answer.
She has a Leapster L-Max gaming system that has also brought her confidence along. But what can be better to a seven year old than telling her family "Domino, give me what you got!"
My grandparents taught me dominoes as a small child. I actually learned to count by fives on the dominoes. I know that I can do math a little quicker than most and I must credit the game to helping me achieve some of my quickness.
Dominoes have other uses besides the above. On a cold and rainy day you can make a chain to topple. Which is more amusing for the kids than me.

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