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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Small Change

I have after reading several PF books tried to stop using my change to pay for purchases. The coins are to have an added bonus savings so to speak. I have always tried to keep a jar or something to hold my change. I switch handbags almost daily and I just dump my change in an old DVD spindle cover. The problem that arises for me is that I rarely carry cash so I really don’t get a great boost to my savings by hoarding the change as some would get. However I have made the effort to stop using change. I know for some they would rather not break a bill and get change back.

Strange as this may seem I like counting change. My grandmother was the church treasurer and she would bring home buckets of change that needed to be counted, rolled and deposited at the bank. I used to help separate the change into their respective piles when I was small. As I got older I also got to roll the change after she had counted it into its piles.

Yesterday, the little ones and I were doing the change. I gave my youngest the responsibility of separating the coins into piles. She had way too much fun. The older one supervised. My silver coin count was $44. The haul so far breaks down this way thirty dollars in quarters, ten dollars in dimes and four dollars in nickels. I still have some loose coins that weren’t enough to have their own rolls. I will just leave it for the next roll day. We haven’t started on the pennies yet. We will do them later after I return from my sister’s house three hours away. I am hoping for at least $65. (There are hopefully that many pennies.)

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