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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Til Debt Do Us Part

We have digital cable. I know PF no-no. I should cut the cable out all together but we have trimmed the HBO and Showtime and will be turning in at least one possibly two of our four boxes.

Let me say this I rarely watched channels between 200 and 350 when the Showtime and HBO channels started. One day, I was disgusted with the programming on every other channel. I started scrolling the menu and ran across the title "Til Debt Do Us Part". The show began in less than ten minutes, I set the reminder and kept scrolling.

I watched the show and became addicted. I now know the American Life TV network (channel 243) and I have become familiar with some of the other shows that are aired on the network.
Til Debt... is by far my favorite. Money

I love Gail Vaz-Oxlade. I love her style, I love the jar system and living on cash. I do hate that the show is based in Canada but I can deal.

I have subscribed to her blog and really enjoy reading her take on money, finance and debt, and relationships.

If you have never heard of Gail, I suggest reading her blog, if you cannot watch her show.

I have forced Hubby to watch with me. The drama has enthralled him as well. Can they turn around their spending lifestyle and repair their relationship? I have confronted him often about spending and saving, what we will have for the future, and the future of our relationship. Money and finacnes are the number one reason couple split up. He is seeing the bleak future with a butt load of stuff and having nothing to show for it.

This show is life changing for those that appear on it. And could be for those that watch it as well.

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