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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Before and After Care Nightmare

Since hubby has started working, his schedule has not allowed him to pick the little one up from school. That caused immediate drama.

We have a few church members who offer daycare as well as before and after care. We selected the one who lived closet to us. Her nephew and my daughter are in the same class so we thought this would be a good match.

Her rates are $125 a week, we decided to try her out for a week. Which wasn't bad but she doesn't offer very many services. I thought this price was extreme, when I found out that my daughter had to walk (it is not far but it is cold), when she came home and her homework wasn't done (what did she do all that time), and my kinda picky eater didn't get a snack (give her cheese and she loves you for life). I decided to look for an alternative.

I found one without looking far. The school offers before and after care as a service. The price $125 bi-weekly, with a hundred dollar registration/deposit.

Yeap. Half price of what the home service lady was offering. We switched her like the building was on fire.

Someone had told hubby that the program at the school was expensive, he of course didn't verify the price. Turns out, he found out from the church member who was charging us double the price.

This leads to an important lesson, always verify prices and services on your own. Don't rely on someone who may be trying to sell you a bill of goods.

Have you ever had anyone tell you to stay away from something because of price, etc? Did you listen? Was it as bad as they said?

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  1. Actually we were having a sewer problem and had a well known plumbing company come out to snake our basement drain multiple times. My husband asked him about our local sewer lateral program and whether or not we would qualify, the man told him absolutely not, it would all be out of pocket at a cost of over $1500 to have the problem fixed. Since the paperwork and videoing of the line seemed an insermountable task for my husband (not to any woman, just my husband) he put it off. The same sewer company came out over and over. Finally he takes the paperwork to the city and 7 days SEVEN DAYS later they come and put in a sewer lateral.