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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blog Firsts

This has been a great week for my blog and by extension me. I was mentioned in The Hustle of Sister Ant's blog for my post "The Poor Person's Day to Day Guide of to what to do when you are Laid off/Fired/Quit." She liked it, she really liked it.

Yeah that is great for me. I was so excited. Of course I was at work when I saw it and didn't have anyone to tell. I Twittered it but no one close or in person. If I told people I was blogging then they may go and read, then they would see the things I have said about various co-workers (then I would really need a new job). So I went in the bathroom and did the happy dance.

I was added to Becoming Debt Free in 2009's blogroll. This is just as exciting. Why? It means that someone besides my close friends are reading what I write. My friends don't leave comments, or they email me directly.

Thanks to all who read me and my imperfect ramblings as I stumble along on my financial journey converting myself from a spendthrift to a frugal saver.

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