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Sunday, February 8, 2009


Remember the commercials. "The at home dry cleaning system"

My husband is tall, like NBA tall. Since he started working, his employer had to custom order uniforms to fit him. Luckily he has something similar to the uniform already that he can wear until the company issued uniform arrives.

This is were the Dryel came in handy. I had never used the system. I had on several occasions thought about purchasing it. Especially when I wore a suit to the office everyday. My dry cleaning bills were at least sixty dollars a month.

We wouldn't be able to dry clean his suit everyday just for timing reasons (suit in by nine out by five) or even every other day. So we tried it.

The Dryel was purchased with a store gift card from Rite Aid for ten dollars. We had a $3.00 off coupon that you can get here.

My husband loves the Dryel. His suit smells fresh. It is easy to use. Open the bag throw in the Dryel sheet, put bag in the dryer for twenty minutes. Hang articles and your clothes are done.

We have already made great use of it, for just the suit he is wearing to work.

I admit I was very skeptical about the product. If you could do it home then why were there so many dry cleaners still in operation? I am impressed with the ease of use, and the scent is fresh and the clothes don't come out warped. Which were all fears that I had. I have accidentally washed then dried a couple of dry clean only items. I know the damage that can be done. None of that happened.

Have you ever used the Dryel system? Or any at home dry cleaning product? What was the outcome?

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